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The Open Art Studio is a family owned business in Komárno, Slovakia. Our main profile is logo design, corporate identity design, vector graphics, illustration and webdesign in HTML, CSS. Besides this, genuine handmade glass jewelry is crafted at the studio. We are working at our home office studio.
There is a new offer among the studio's services from 2015: creating professional 2D and 3D technical drawings for constructing and architecture in AutoCAD.

We prefer curiousity, creativity and professionality at work.

When it comes to design a logo or wedding invites, we have time for you. Every step of creating your design is done with great care and professionalism.

For orders and offers please contact us here:


graphic designer

"After I recognized I would never be a F1 pilot as a woman (who has never ever been closer to a formula car, than watching a race) nor a ship captain (how wonderful work is that!) and I couldn't do anything better than arts and graphic design, I decided to be a professional. After the university, I continued practicing and working with the creative softwares, as a freelancer and as a teacher. Since teaching was not my dream job, I left the school and started working as a full-time graphic designer.

Now that's something I really love to do! I am a perfectionist, when it comes to typography, kerning, composition, drawing details or choosing the right color. However, in traditional art, I prefer expressionism and surrealism."

CAD technician

"I am a professional CAD technician with a 4-year practice. As a co-worker in the Open Art Studio, I am responsible for the 2D and 3D technical drawings.

I studied in Hungary, as a transport mechanic and automotive service technician, including CNC and CAD technician training. After my studies I joined a Hungarian company where I also work as a CAD technician."

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